Booking more than half of the auditions he receives, often receiving direct offers from producers he has worked with previously, Adam Ohl is a go to character actor for villainous roles and international antagonists.  An experienced actor with a masters degree in film acting, Adam has perfect timing and inexhaustible dedication to bringing a script to life. 

As a character actor, Adam is a mix between Mark Strong and Rick Hoffman.  He excels at playing villainous characters in procedural, legal, and action films.  Adam’s specialty is bringing a charismatic eccentricity and grittiness when playing a scumbag lawyer, crime lord, hit man, or international arms dealer.

In the past year Adam was cast in five lead roles, playing characters from a Russian assassin, a rugged soldier, an international hit man, a shady arms dealer, and a Middle Eastern sheikh.  When Adam is not working on set, he is in class, constantly honing his craft and keeping himself sharp. 

Adam is newly signed with Bohemia Group management. 

Adam enjoys visiting the shooting range with his actor colleagues, firing various types of rifles and handguns.  While in the Navy, he qualified as a sharpshooter.  Adam takes stage combat classes, choreographs fights, and frequently engages in hand to hand combat or action sequences with firearms during filming.  

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Adam Ohl